About Us

Serving East Texas Physicians

    Omni’s goal is to provide you with strong results, excellent reporting and customer service above and beyond for you and your patients.

    If you could increase revenues by 20% (twenty) to 30% (thirty) –without adding staff—would you do it? Many physicians here locally have answered, “yes” by turning to Omni. If you are looking for that “Hassle-free” practice then Omni is definitely a viable option for your practice in today’s market. We want to help you to reach this goal and to collect the maximum dollars for you our client in the shortest amount of time.

    After today you will find that we offer what you want most:  professional handling of patient statements, an experienced account management staff that treats your patients with the respect they deserve, excellent procedures for claims filing and documentation of same, and of course complete HIPAA compliance when it comes to confidentiality of all information. Omni will also alert you to trends that some companies may flag for fraud investigation.

    Physicians here locally are beginning to understand the benefit of outsourcing their billing and collections and are choosing Omni because of our ability to achieve results in pre-collection and follow-up with commercial payers, Workers’ Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, and self-pay patients. Why do our processes work? First, our staff is highly trained (certified coders, previous Aetna employees) in billing of the claims, collections and how insurance companies try to deny or use delay tactics to hold on to your money. Our staff are also up to date on all Federal and State regulations regarding billing and collections. Second, we are committed to adding qualified staff as we grow in order to keep billing and collection representatives from becoming overloaded.  We then monitor workload and productivity and make caseload adjustments as needed. Third, our innovative procedures ensure regular contact and prompt follow-up with each and every request whether patient, insurance company, legal entities and you as our client.

Our Vision

To remove the administrative burden from Physicians, maximize reimbursement, and improve efficiencies. To improve the quality of patient care by reducing billing errors and lowering the cost of doing business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide physicians with the reimbursement resources necessary to effectively manage their aged accounts receivables. Omni’s focus is to offer your clients’ excellent customer service and the best collection results possible for your practice.
Medical providers face significant technical, legal, and financial challenges. Omni is committed to producing value for our clients and provide seamless turnkey solutions in a cost-effective manner.
Omni has developed and sustained successful business relationships with clients here in Tyler and are currently assisting customers in achieving their immediate financial goals.

Our Commitment

    Omni’s commitment to quality customer care is unmatched in the healthcare management community.  We achieve this by listening to your concerns, anticipating your needs and responding to your requests.  Through our educated staff, we go beyond the assignment of standard coding services, empowering you with the knowledge and training necessary for growth.  Service, innovation and continuous improvements fuel Omni’s commitment as we provide cost-effective accurate coding solutions.
Our goal is to tailor a billing & collections service plan that will allow you to concentrate on the clinical importance of healthcare.  We ensure maximum reimbursement within an infrastructure of strict compliance with HIPAA, AMA and State Guidelines.

                        PEOPLE    +   PROCESS  = RESULTS

 Why OMNI?

    An in house billing and collection department is rapidly becoming an unaffordable luxury in the modern medical office. As reduced reimbursements diminish profit margins, cutting unnecessary expenses while maximizing available revenue is essential to survival in today’s market. The full service option allows cost containment for your office, as well as extra time to focus on providing effective treatment for your patients. Because of increasing overhead expenses outsourcing the billing and collections functions is becoming a common and more cost efficient solution.

    Omni utilizes top quality medical billing software and works closely with one of the top electronic vendors in the country today to see that all claims processed either on paper or electronic go out as “clean claims” the first time. Omni can provide a vast array of medical practice analysis reports that allow you to better manage your medical practice. Omni can provide specialized reporting per your request when needed for all practice accounting needs.

    Omni will provide training and educational materials, forms, and one on one assistance in any area where needed. Once we become your source for billing and collections we are available 24/7 for you and your staff. No question or request is ever taken lightly. You will gain insight into use of modifiers, rules and regulations, both federal and state, and updates on filing deadlines.

    Omni prides itself on customer service both for your patients and you as our client. All calls are returned within 24 hours, whether to patients, clients, other physicians offices, family members, attorneys, all within the guidelines of HIPAA compliance of course. Omni will also help with credentialing issues if needed, perform chart audits and analysis to help maintain compliance.

    Omni will help with front-end training and balancing back to all encounter forms and lab tickets to reduce lost revenue. We can also provide forms that will help the front-end staff when coming on duty and how to close out at the end of the shift. Omni will also watch for trends or issues that may arise through no ones fault, just missed charges, undercoding, upcoding, etc

Our Staff

    Omni staff is comprised exclusively of experienced, successful healthcare professionals with extensive clinical background in healthcare services, enabling Omni to work more cost efficiently for physicians, patients, case managers, and insurance companies.

    Omni staff have multiple years experience in medical collections, with diverse backgrounds in every component of reimbursement, including information technology systems, application implementations, and accounts receivable management.

    Omni personnel have a thorough understanding of healthcare industry reimbursement tactics, practices, procedures and a comprehensive knowledge of payer requirements, deadlines for claims filing, appeals processes, etc.

    Omni staff members have been clinically educated to maximize reimbursement of medical claims and have specialized training in home care services, infusion therapy, and durable medical equipment.

    Omni collectors are aggressively trained to handle reimbursement issues with payment delays such as “medical review”, documentation requirements or denied due to timely filing (remember we archive all acceptance reports), authorizations or “risk” status of a medical group/payer.

    Omni collectors have industry contacts for better access and quicker results.  All have a thorough understanding of third party payer infrastructures, resulting in quicker effective collections.

    Omni staff can come into your office per invite and help your staff to reduce paperwork, become more organized and simply help with up front collections of copays and coinsurance.  We can show them techniques,  that our 25+ years of  experience have taught us along the way.   Things like what to ask patients for and how to ask for it in a way that makes the patients a little more honest in the info they give you.   We are always available to your staff 24/7 for any questions or concerns whether it relates to patients or insurance company problems they may be having.

    Omni is building a successful track record here in East Texas and would love to have you join our family.