Physician Billing

The same service is offered to physician’s offices as well as hospitals. All initial billing phases… all electronic billing to all the carriers. Self pay collections, and payment plans as well. Professional, expedient and the most precise billing possible is what Omni offers.

Claim Processing

  • Enter patient demographics into our software system
  • Enter billing codes, diagnosis codes, modifiers, etc. Scrub claims twice before transmitting claims electronically
  • Confirm claim was transmitted, archive reports for future appeals if needed
  • Follow-up on claim status three weeks from the date of transmit if not paid
  • All receipts are deposited into your bank account
  • Appeals or reconsiderations performed when required.


  • Acknowledgement report of all claims received daily, weekly or monthly
  • Status reports monthly, quarterly, etc. (includes Charges/Pays/Adj & A/R balance)
  • Special reports upon request

Secondary Insurance

  • Retrieve EOBs and bill all secondaries, will file crossover claims if not paid timely
  • All Medicare secondaries filed electronic per federal mandate.

Self-Pay Balances

  • Collection letters sent to patients, telephone contacts made until 120th day
  • All private accounts run through Medicaid once monthly to retrieve lost revenue when patients forget to call in updated information

Claims Processing

All claims are transmitted electronically via ClaimMD sometimes as often as twice daily.  Worker’ Compensation claims are all dropped to paper here and a request is made to your office for the inpatient consult/admit report or the office visit dictation.   Once dictation is obtained the WC claim is then mailed.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Management of the full scope of accounts receivable functions.
  • Eligibility verification, benefits determination and pre-certification if needed
  • Coding assistance and data entry of charges.  Our claims engine with smart rules validates fields, checks coding and payment rules prior to billing of claims.  We get claims out correctly the first time with receipt of valid information
  • Review EOBs to ensure proper payment based on contracts
  • Research and prepare appeals for underpaid and denied claims
  • Send out all secondary claims including crossovers.  From our experience crossovers have a tendency to get lost in mailrooms
  • Process all correspondence as it relates to accounts receivables
  • Provide follow-up functions necessary to bring accounts to final adjudication with payers and patients
  • Manage patient inquiries as they relate to their accounts.  We do send statements and have an auto letter generation system
  • Provide Management reporting so you know exactly how your practice is doing at any given time

Self-Pay Accounts

  • Statements will be sent to patients after 30 days and each month thereafter until the account reaches 120 days.
  • Telephone contact is initiated immediately once the account has reached the 60th day mark.  A tactful and professional approach is taken in all facets of the recovery process.  Medicare patients are handled in a proactive style that solidifies good public relations.
  • Debtor payment plans are offered if payment in full is not possible.  We give the patient an opportunity to resolve the account with 2 to 3 installments.  If the
  • Once an accounts payment plan is broken twice with your permission.  We will send out additional collection letters and make phone calls.   Once no response or resolution is made on the account it will then be forwarded to Equifax for credit bureau reporting.
  • All patients will be given an opportunity to make payments over the phone with a credit card.   Forms will be forwarded to your office for submission and once payment confirmed a copy will be returned to Omni for posting to the account.
  • If the patient is financially burdened Omni will forward a financial assistance application, with your approval, that will allow for a percentage of the bill to be written off to charity.


  • Omni and its’ employees are fully bonded and insured.
  • Omni only recruits personnel that have prior experience in the medical field.   We strive to keep workloads manageable in order to perform the best possible job collecting accounts in a very short period of time.
  • Each biller is monitored by daily batch reporting that shows charges, payments and adjustments posted.
  • All our staff attends meetings held locally and in other cities depending on the carrier presenting so as to stay up to date with new rules and/or regulations.